In-light of the current situation, we made the decision to make WYD EYD available online. This reduces the social contact that would be involved in mailing the magazines out to you, whilst also giving everyone something further to enjoy during these times.

WYDEYD magazine was born as a result of a desire to encourage readers to notice the design elements that are apparent in their everyday surroundings.

We feel that sometimes, as creatives, we can become accustomed to our surroundings to the point that we subconsciously overlook the design elements that exist around us. We often look far for inspiration, and by doing so can ignore what is in front of us.

WYDEYD magazine was created and designed entirely by Cara Mahon and Jemima Whitaker. All content was collected through submissions, with the aim of creating a magazine that holds work created from a wide variety of creative practices, interests, and subject matters.

Edition 1 is based on the design element of shape, specifically ‘circles’. Submissions meet this theme in intruiging ways; with some works being based on circular concepts or theories, some produced through circular processes, and others capturing visual qualities of what we know and recognise as ‘circular’.